If you’ve come across this and ever have a friend that is experiencing infant loss, send them this list.  You could buy a hand cast kit from the local baby store if you have time, mention the services of NILMDTS if their hospital doesn’t already offer it, pick up a book to give to them, draw baby’s name in the sand and take a picture, gift them jewelry with baby’s name on it, or find someone who can sew them a heart exactly baby’s weight.

To grieving Parents:

This is a heartbreaking time in your life. The last thing you will want to do is spend time searching the internet for support resources. This list has been put together to make that one thing a little easier. Consider giving a copy of this list/blog to a friend or family member that can order any of the keepsake items for you.


Resources for Baby Loss Families:
A website dedicated to supporting moms of miscarriage and baby loss.  They have stories, blog posts, forums, and you may even be able to find a local chapter!
Offers articles, blogs, and additional forums for support.  They also have a resources page with many more links..
A website dedicated to miscarriage and infant loss. There are many stories and supportive posts and they even categorize by gestational age.  They also have Loss Doula training and list doulas, photographers, and parent support contacts for your area.
A website with many more great links to even more websites that we’ve listed here!  They also have a facebook page for support and a spot on their website to add a remembrance for your baby.
NILMDTS forum made for grieving families and professional photographers that offer their services.

Post Loss Lactation support/advice/products
A link with advice on helping dry your milk up, or how to donate your milk if you are wanting to donate.
A bereavement support organization based in Fort Collins, CO


List of services and keepsake items created for Baby Loss families.
A non-profit organization that pairs professional photographers with bereaved families so they may receive photographs of their precious baby.  The more awareness of this organization the more families that can receive the gift.  If your hospital did not offer a NILMDTS photographer, they may need to be educated about the service.  Feel free to email us and we can try to help.
Provides a keepsake kit to be used after baby is born.  This is helpful to families who know ahead of time that their baby will not survive.
An organization that will send a free heart pillow the same weight/size as your baby
Donations cover a bear made to your baby’s exact size.  There is a long waiting list for these bears, but you can choose to get one faster by donating to their organization.


Links for family and friends

When Your Friend’s Baby Dies (e-book)
This book is a fast read and one that everyone should read, even if they don’t have a friend who’s lost a baby.  It’s a great book to help understand what a family might be feeling during that time.

Cora’s Story (author of the ebook)
You can also download the e-book from her website if you prefer a .pdf
A website with a page dedicated to answer the question, “What do I say?”
They also have e-cards that you can have sent to a family:


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