A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!

Each item chosen for the gift bag has special meaning and is not currently offered in other gift bags that babyloss families receive at the hospital. We are very grateful for offers to donate and would like to share more about the items/vendors we have selected. If you would like to donate towards a specific item on our list, please contact Jenny or Carolyn to make sure the item still needs a sponsor. Any amount of money donations are also appreciated.

Contents we plan to include:

*Love for Leah bags
All Love for Leah items will be in a small canvas bag printed with the Love for Leah logo. Bags are $2.99 each and we’re also looking for a sponsor for the printing costs

*A blank card to stamp footprints on with smudge proof ink
Carolyn has designed and printed cards with envelopes that will be used. 24 cards have been printed at the cost of $20

*Plaster kits for hand molds We have found a vendor for baby plaster hand statue kits.
A case of 12 will cost $83+ shipping. We are currently looking for a sponsor

*An outfit & blanket to dress baby in, to take home
*An extra blanket to wrap baby in before saying goodbye
We are still currently searching for newborn and preemie sized side snap short sleeve onesies to purchase along with flannel blankets. Flannel blankets work perfect because they are less bulky and swaddle nicely. A 3 pack is around $10-$12. Currently looking for sponsors.

*Bunny security blanket, for the family to take home with them
The Children’s Place has clearance pink and blue bunny ‘loveys’ which we plan to purchase before they are out of stock. They are $5.83 each. We are in search of a sponsor.

*An Urn necklace to put a lock of hair in
These are small metal screw top necklaces with a charm attached. They can be used for ashes or a lock of hair. Current price is $10/each, looking for sponsors.

*The book, “Empty Cradle, Broken Heart” by Deborah Davis
*The book, “A Bereaved Father” by Steve Younis
Books that every babyloss parent should have. We now have a sponsor for 5 of each book!

*Cabo Cream for breast engorgement
This cream has been designed by an OB-GYN and is very helpful while mom’s milk is drying up. The wholesale price is $108/12 tubes, sponsor still needed.

*Earth Mama Angel Baby C-section cream (if needed)
*Earth Mama Angel Baby babyloss comfort kit and “No More Milk” tea.
These wonderful natural products can be purchased at wholesale price. Without the c-section cream, the cost of the items is $19 (not including shipping costs) and includes a comfort candle, tea, stress-relief spray, and seeds for planting memory flowers.

*A printed list of resources, support, and helpful organizations.
Donations will cover printing.


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