Bunny | Jenny Fujinami

Here is the importance of Bunnies for Marc and I in regards to Leah. When I was 8 months pregnant I was having lunch with my girlfriend who asked me if we had a symbol for Leah; something that when we saw it we would think of Leah. She explained that her symbol for her son was Geese. I hadn’t thought about it, but I would start to pay attention and see if anything stands out.

That night it was snowing really bad. I was outside looking for some sign, and there was 1 lone bunny staring at me. I knew then that Bunnies would by our symbol of Leah. After we lost Leah the 1st night home my brother Matt comes in and says, “Did you know there is a bunny just sitting outside your house, staring at it?” I explained that it was Leah. The next night that same thing Matt came in and said “That bunny is out there again just sitting and staring.” The bunny always seemed to be in the same spot just staring at our house. The bunny stayed around for several weeks and now one lives on the side of our house. During the winter when the roads were bad, we would see a bunny more often as if they are making sure we get home safe. We see them everyday playing and we think of Leah checking on us and watching.

My parents did know about the bunny and ended up buying us a frame with bunnies on it. Leah was also born in the year of the rabbit.  If you see a bunny think of Leah and that she is checking on you.

Do you have a way to know when a loved one is watching?


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