Remembering Leah | Jenny Fujinami

Leah’s 6 month heavenly birthday was 6/30/12. It was such a hard day, I felt so empty and broken. I felt so alone also, everyone has their own life going on while I feel like I am in the same place standing still. Carolyn and my Mom had texted me that morning, and it felt wonderful to know that they were thinking of me and more important they were thinking of Leah.

We showed up at the park at about 8:15 PM with perfect weather conditions and a beautiful pink sky and sunset; Cheyenne and no wind! Leah was really watching us this night. Some of my friends and family were there and still arriving. As we got candles put together, everyone wrote a message on the drip protectors and we prepared our lanterns!

Sara Janes arrived and she knew the pain I was feeling.  She wrapped me in her arms and I could not stop crying. To have that person who can relate so closely with the feelings I am having is nice.

Once everyone was there we formed a circle and we were led in prayer by Megan Jahnke. My sister-in-law and I both read poems. We began lighting the candles and went around the circle stating who you were lighting them for. I light this candle in honor of Leah, Tyler, and Carter!

Then Marc and I started our lantern (A little confusing). It look a little bit for it to go and then it was off. It was high in the sky, it caught a wind current and proceeded West. Then the other lanterns followed, although some did not make it as far and landed in the parking lot.

It was beautiful!! Leah was all around us!! I could feel Leah and I know she was watching us! It was amazing to see all the people Leah has brought together. The people Leah has brought into our lives and the people she has brought closer together. I will forever cherish Leah and all she has done.



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