Cheyenne Superday | Jenny Fujinami

Superday was on 6/23/2012. We showed off our Love for Leah bags and Carolyn’s birth photography. Carolyn had a beautiful booth set up.  It felt great to be able to share our story and hand out information on Leah. It was wonderful to see the looks on people’s faces and hear them say, “wow, this is great”.

I will admit I am jealous of the women who were there and pregnant. I would not trade Leah for anything. I am very blessed that I got to spend the time I did with her, but it is sad because I would much rather be holding and caring for Leah.

It was a bit odd… Marc and I saw a stranger on the street that we did not know, but she recongized me.  She had read our story about Leah and shared with me about how Leah impacted her. WOW! It is amazing how Leah has impacted so many people!

I read another post today on our blog from a lady in China and another in Greece. Leah is so amazing to have reached so far!

Here are the contents of the bags displayed.  We had our logo printed on the bags just in time to have one at Superday!  On the shelf below the bag has a sample of a blanket and outfit, the urn necklace which is in a baggie between the bunnies, and the Leah bunnies.  On the bottom shelf we had both books that are included, a sample card with footprints, the cup containing hand casting kit, Cabo Cream, and “No More Milk” tea.  We had our letter printed out and NILMDTS brochures to pass out with it.


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