Love for Leah Bag sample

We have all of the sample items for our bags, and in time for Cheyenne’s Superday!

We’ll be set up in the vendor section in Carolyn Spranger Photography’s booth and will have a few things for sale to help raise money along with our sample bag and information sheets.

I plan to get better photos but I wanted to put it all together *before* Superday to show everyone what we envision.

We have found a vendor for the outfits and blankets which will be at a much more reasonable cost than buying at a baby store.   Plus they have kimono style onesies which are the easiest to put on.  We’re still needing donations for those.

We are also searching for a sponsor for screen printing our canvas bags, if you know of anyone who would be interested or a screen printer that would be interested in donating the cost, please contact us!

The books have been generously donated by Jenny’s parents, thank you!  We would also like to thank everyone that’s donated so far, it’s very much appreciated!

If you have any questions about items in our bags, feel free to leave us a message.  We should have a casting made as an example, but the photo below shows how it comes in the bag.  The staff at the hospital will assist families in creating a cast, getting footprints on the card, dressing baby in the outfit provided, and getting a lock of hair for the urn necklace.

-Posted by Carolyn


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